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7 Reasons to Choose Dryden

Dryden Builders "Hands On" philosophy starts from the project's inception. A thoroughness with details and close communication with the owner has been the foundation for our success...

Dryden Builders, Inc. is a General Contractor focusing on commercial/light industrial markets in Southwest, Ohio. Dryden has a strong commitment and a proven track record in top quality construction, fast track performance and superior safety while maintaining a competitive value for the client.

Since 1975, Dryden has designed and constructed buildings based on the needs of its clients. Focusing on the details and listening to the owner's needs has allowed Dryden to be successful at constructing high Quality buildings and ultimately "Building Relationships into Satisfied Customers"

  1. Customer Satisfaction: It's not just our clever slogan, it's the Dryden philosophy to take care of the customer above all else. We bear the burden when the project challenges arise.
  2. Single Source Responsibility: The buck stops here. We prefer to work on a negotiated design-build basis to be in full control of the design and construction process, partnering with the owner from the beginning.
  3. Control of Quality: Since our principals have an engineering background, we thrive on perfecting the details in every project. We self-perform the work from the foundation on up.
  4. Fast-Track Schedule: Time is money in today's fast- paced, hi-tech society. We realize that meeting the schedule, no matter how rigorous, is top priority to our customer.
  5. Safe Job Site: Dryden has always taken measures to secure a safe working environment for our people. We have not sustained any major work injury or been levied any fine from OSHA.
  6. Competitive Cost: Because Dryden has chosen to keep our overhead low, we are very competitive in our costs. Many times we start a new client relationship by being the low bidder before negotiating future work after we prove ourselves.
  7. Dependable: We must keep our word and be thorough to please the tough demands of today's building owner. This means taking initiative to communicate frequently and to offer suggestions to improve the project outcome.